Our Price List

For $54 dollars, our basic oil change and filter will get you on your way. It includes up to 5 qts of oil, filter, fluids top-off (excluding transmission), and our multi-point check of your engine, tires, and air system. We also have Synthetic and High-mileage upgrades.

Basic Service

$54 Basic Oil Change, Filter and Multipoint Inspection

Synthetic Upgrade

+$29 Synthetic Oil Upgrade

High Mileage

+$16 High Mileage Oil Upgrade

Premium Wipers

$34 Premium Wiper Blades

Air Filter

$45 Air filter

Fuel System Cleaner

$8 Fuel System Cleaner


$59 Headlights

AC Recharge

$39 AC Recharge

*Synthetic and High Mileage prices are in addition to the base price of $54.

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